About us

Bhartiya Kisan Sanchar Limited

Telecommunications is a fast growing arena to transform Indian rural landscape. In the recent years, it has demonstrated its potential to play a vital role in contributing to the empowerment of people living in Indian villages. Bhartiya Kisan Sanchar, together with telecom giant Bharti Airtel and Star Global Resources Ltd. , has promoted BHARTIYA KISAN SANCHAR LTD (BKSL) as a joint venture. Airtel is extending its network backbone to BKSL and also provide a sustainable income generating business opportunity to Cooperative Societies. In this model, the telecom products of Airtel are made available to farmers and people living in villages through cooperative societies. The same SIM Card which is used for communication, is turned into a powerhouse of knowledge for empowering people living in villages through relevant & pertinent information which is being provided by BKSL through Value Added Service (VAS).

‘Bhartiya Kisan Sanchar Limited BKSL)’ is ┬ádetermination to take the above challenges ‘Head On’. BKSL has been formed with an exclusive mandate to design, develop, source and supply state of the art, economical & rural communications with value additions of content & services. The focus is to take the advantage of latest in technology to address several issues faced by the farmers for simple need for communication, access to input from experts and services of reliable quality. The objective is to empower people living in villages of the country in a sustainable and viable manner. Cooperative Societies form the core of the strategy which are enabled to be a catalyst for promoting these products and services in an economically viable manner.